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barking ardvarks cover.jpg
Produced by the Barking Aardvarks
Engineered by John Nolan and The Barking Aardvarks
Patrick Conway - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Daniel Kathriner - Drums, Piano, Vocals
Tom Vize - Bass Guitar, Treatments
Rob Woodliff - Lead Guitar
Pat Burns -…

burnt nervends cover.jpg
Chris Krieger - Vocals
Mike Metroulas - Guitar
Bike Maker - Bass
Billy Sunn - Sax Vocals
Paul Chickey - Drums

Produced by Burnt Nervends
Engineered by Obeid Khan and Billy Sunn
Recorded 4-91

Side 1
House of Pressure

celery dip cover 1 001.jpg
Side 1
Girl at the Bank
Put the Chisel Down
Toilet Song
Vegetarian Hootenanny
1 Crazie Doo

Side 2
Nux Vomica
Little Latin Lipe Lu
Eat my Celery

Sound files at the…

ej quit cover.jpg
Mark Cook - Vocals and Guitar
Peter Lang - Vocals, Drums
Robert Powers - Vocals, Bass
Scott Roever - Vocals, Guitar
John Feber - Lead on She Loves Me

Recorded and Engineered by Scott Roever
Produced by E.J. Quit
Recorded at Harvey's…

johnny quest cover.jpg
Daniel Kathriner - Drums, Vocals
Tom Vize - Bass, Vocals
patick Conway - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Shoemaker - Keyboards
Greg Berg - Keyboards
Curt Conway - Road Manager
Engineered by Rich Hamilton at RBS Studio
Engineered by Ty Mccart at T&T…

the bishops ST cover.jpg
Sound Files at the Bottom of Page
Don't Get Around Much
Get Behind Me
Coming in Color
So Far from Heaven

finn brothers hello cover.jpg
Bill (Drennen) Finn - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joe (Thebeau) Finn - Lead and Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Joe Finn - Leand and Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar
Steve (Lord) Finn - Drums, Percusion, and Backing Vocals

Special Guest
Ken Krueger…

the love experts cover.jpg
Steve Carosello - Vocals
Dominic Finocchio - Acoustic Guitar
Tom Fulton - Guitar
Steve Staicoff - Guitar, Mandolin
Steve Scariano - Bass
Bob Trammel - Drums, Plus
Greg Black - Sound

Engineered and Mixed by Eric Lindstrom, Greg Black, Steve…

milk it cover.jpg
Curtis Hendricks - Guitar, Vocals
Ann Hirschfeld - Bass, Vocals
Jeff Kersting - Drums, Percussion
Tony Berkman - Drums
Steve Nixon - Drums

Recorded at the White House and Rayburn Studios and engineered by Jack Petracek, Douglas Rayburn, and…
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