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APF International

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. Dark Light
2. Rodney's Homecoming

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Andy Dykeman - Drums and Vocals
Doug Rafferty - Guitar and Vocals
Carols Huddleston - Bass and Vocals

Tracks at the Bottom of the Page
Make it Stop
How Many Steps
Myself & Me
Wish You Weren't Here
New One Today

chicken truck party man cover.jpg
Brian Henneman - VOcals, Lead Guitar
Bob Parr - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Tom Parr - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Ortmann - Drums

Side 1
Party Man
Side 2
Party Man Instrumental

johnny quest cover.jpg
Daniel Kathriner - Drums, Vocals
Tom Vize - Bass, Vocals
patick Conway - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Shoemaker - Keyboards
Greg Berg - Keyboards
Curt Conway - Road Manager
Engineered by Rich Hamilton at RBS Studio
Engineered by Ty Mccart at T&T…

Pressed on Blue Vinyl.

Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar
Jon Corcoran - Bass
Mark Deniszuk - Drums
Michael Story - Guitar

Recorded at Sonic Edge Studios new York City. Engineered by Don Cowan and Ryk Oakley. Produced by Tom Lyle.…

Initial pressing of 1000

Fritz Beer - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Bramstedt - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Herzon - Bass, Vocals
Gus Kodros - Drums, Vocals

Produced by The Bishops and Steve Curfman at Midland Studios Rosewood Heights, IL

Sound files at the…

Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Smith - Guitar
Mark Deniskuk - Drums, Vocals
Jon Corcoran - Bass

Produced by and released on New Red Archives by Nicky Garrett.
Recorded at Peter Miller Studios San Francisco, CA

Original pressing of 500

Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
John Corcoran - Bass
Bob Zuellig - Guitar
Mark Deniszuk - Drums

Recorded at Control in Belleville, IL by David Reeves.

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