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laffinstock cover.jpg
John Katsafanas - Bass
Sean Halry - Guitar
Tim Mize - Vocals
Pat Hercules - Drums

Fuckt Up for Days'
Fist Fuck

01 this is my way - club zero.mp3
Andy Dykeman - Drums and Vocals
Doug Rafferty - Guitar and Vocals
Bill Buzan - Bass and vocals

Track List
This is my way
Make it Stop
I Think
Foolish Rain
Social Climber
Lost Soul
Where's Abbas
Lucky Bus
Not Surrender

Tracks at the…

boorays ST cover.jpg
Mike Hellebusch - Guitars, Vocals
Bob Kaemmerlen - Drums, Vocals
Mark Stephens - Guitars, Vocals
Andy Thompson - Bass, Vocals

Side A
The Truth
For All Time
You Move Like a Slug

Side B
Rocket to the Moon
Sha La La

suede chain cover.jpg
Musicians: Matt Docter, Jason Docter, Brian Krumm, Brian Hunt.
Recorded at The Cabin, O'fallon, IL
307 West Springfield Ave. Champaign, Il
806 S, First, Champaign,,IL

suave octopus kissing cover 1.jpg
Sound Files at the Bottom of the Page
1. Revolution
2. Water

out of the cate cover.jpg
Compiled by Rick Wood
Remix Engineer - Walter Whitney
Cover Graphics - Rick Wood, Scott Hueting, Lisa Grotrain,
Illustration by Jean-Michael Charlier, Jean Giraud

Side 1
Uncle Tupelo - Before I Break
Three Foot Thick - Cole Porter

school house cover 1.jpg
Produced by - Joe Armin
Recorded at Meghan Gohil Pelican Studio
Engineered by Dave Moorman and Karl Mueller
State Street Sound by Tony Berkman
Clayton Studios - by Gene Carroll
Peter Carson Studios
Webster University Audio Studios by…

enorm richard cover.jpg
Chris Bess - Accordian, Baritone Horn
Joe Esser - bass
Matt Fuller - Drums
Chris King - Vocals
Karl Mueller Guitar
Rich Skubish - Guitar, VOcals
Special Guest Fred Friction

Side 1
January 16, 1991 at Cabaret Metro
I'm not Religious
I Feel…

chicken truck party man cover.jpg
Brian Henneman - VOcals, Lead Guitar
Bob Parr - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Tom Parr - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Ortmann - Drums

Side 1
Party Man
Side 2
Party Man Instrumental
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