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Produced by - Joe Armin
Recorded at Meghan Gohil Pelican Studio
Engineered by Dave Moorman and Karl Mueller
State Street Sound by Tony Berkman
Clayton Studios - by Gene Carroll
Peter Carson Studios
Webster University Audio Studios by…

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Curtis Hendricks - Guitar, Vocals
Ann Hirschfeld - Bass, Vocals
Jeff Kersting - Drums, Percussion
Tony Berkman - Drums
Steve Nixon - Drums

Recorded at the White House and Rayburn Studios and engineered by Jack Petracek, Douglas Rayburn, and…

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Sound files at the bottom of page
1. Later
2. Thanks


Recorded at The Studio St. Louis, MO Engineered by Doug Rayburn and Jim Huckelberry.
Released by members of the Bishops on Grinder Records Alton, IL

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. Sell the Farm
2. Lonely or Hungry
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