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Steve Carosello - Vocals
Dominic Finocchio - Acoustic Guitar
Tom Fulton - Guitar
Steve Staicoff - Guitar, Mandolin
Steve Scariano - Bass
Bob Trammel - Drums, Plus
Greg Black - Sound

Engineered and Mixed by Eric Lindstrom, Greg Black, Steve…

the bishops ST cover.jpg
Sound Files at the Bottom of Page
Don't Get Around Much
Get Behind Me
Coming in Color
So Far from Heaven

dead planet difficult.jpg
Mark Cousley - Drums
Chris - Doucleff - Guitar
Aaron Goodrich - Vocals
Brad Gaskill - Bass

Recorded at Sound Star
Engineered by Mark Church, Produced Dead Planet

Joe Moomey - Vocals
Larry Morrissey - Drums, Vocals
Keith Brawley - Bass
Patrick Saunders - Electric Guitar
Matt Lauber - Additional Guitar

Recorded at Webster University Studios and engineered by Chris Sauer.

Song files at the bottom of…

Original press of 500

Andy Dykeman - Drums, Vocals
Flea Bodine - Bass
Doug Raffety - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at Star Sound in Bethalto, IL and engineered by Eric Wiseman

Released by Rob Wagoner on Scrapdog Records
Scrap 002


Doug Raffety - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Dykeman - Drums, Vocals
Flea Bodine - Bass
Engineered by Mark Church
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