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St Louis Flyer Project

The St. Louis Flyer Project began a few years ago as an attempt by Jeff Kopp (Kopper) and me to allow people a peek at the flyers we have saved over the years.  To date over 200 flyers have been posted spanning over thirty years of the St. Louis scene.  The flyers posted in the Archive of St. Louis Punk archive represent only a small portion of those posted in the Flyer Project and have been scanned at a lower dpi to conserve space.  If you would like to view the entire collection it is publicly accessible on Flickr at St. Louis Flyer Project

The flyers posted on Flickr have been scanned at 300 dpi to allow high quality printing by anyone interested.  We are also always interested in new members and new additions to the collections.


I hope you enjoy.

Greg Kessler