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Bands listed on the shirt

Back of Dave
Judge Nothing
The Bishops
Autumn Clock

Painted Porch Records

Initial pressing of 1000

Fritz Beer - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Bramstedt - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Herzon - Bass, Vocals
Gus Kodros - Drums, Vocals

Produced by The Bishops and Steve Curfman at Midland Studios Rosewood Heights, IL

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01 this is my way - club zero.mp3
Andy Dykeman - Drums and Vocals
Doug Rafferty - Guitar and Vocals
Bill Buzan - Bass and vocals

Track List
This is my way
Make it Stop
I Think
Foolish Rain
Social Climber
Lost Soul
Where's Abbas
Lucky Bus
Not Surrender

Tracks at the…

culture shock.jpg
Darin Gray - Bass and Vocals
Fritz Noble - Drums and Guitar
Tom Massey - Guitar

Produced by Culture Shock and Jeff Tweedy
Engineered by Dave Reeves at Studio One in Belleveille, IL

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. All Children…

Nick Sakes - Guitar, Vocals
Darin Gray - Bass
Black Fleming - Drums, Vocals

Produced by Dazzling Killmen at White House Studios St. Louis, MO Engineered by Jack Petracek

Released by Nick Sakes on Sawtooth Records

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Original Pressing 100

A. W. - Vocals, Guitars
William Ingersoll - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Smith - Drums, Vocals
Jeff Cummins - Bass, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed at Rainy Day Studio Jacksonville, IL by Mike Mason.

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earlbros_sticker web.jpg
First Sticker was issued. The last were designed but never produced.

Doug Raffety - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Dykeman - Drums, Vocals
Flea Bodine - Bass
Recorded at Dog Shew Studios by Tim Alber. Produced by Rob Wagoner and Judge Nothing.
Scrap 002
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