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Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar
Fritz Noble - Drums
Rockin' Bob Thurmond - Bass.

Recorded at Clearview Studios, St. Charles, MO, 1/25/85, 1/27/85,
mixed 2/22/85.
Engineered by Richie Callison. Noble, not Nobel.

Sound files at…

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Darin Gray - Bass and Vocals
Fritz Noble - Drums and Guitar
Tom Massey - Guitar

Produced by Culture Shock and Jeff Tweedy
Engineered by Dave Reeves at Studio One in Belleveille, IL

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. All Children…

beatoffs days 002.jpg
Stan Seitrich
Fritz Noble

beatoffs greatest 001.jpg
Stan Seitrich
Fritz Noble
Mike De Leon - Bass on two songs

Comprised of perviously released material.

beatoffs st 001.jpg
Fritz Noble
Stan Seitrich

beatoffs 2001.jpg
Fritz Noble
Stan Seitrich

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