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Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar
Fritz Noble - Drums
Rockin' Bob Thurmond - Bass.

Recorded at Clearview Studios, St. Charles, MO, 1/25/85, 1/27/85,
mixed 2/22/85.
Engineered by Richie Callison. Noble, not Nobel.

Sound files at…

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Mark Cousley - Drums
Chris - Doucleff - Guitar
Aaron Goodrich - Vocals
Brad Gaskill - Bass

Recorded at Sound Star
Engineered by Mark Church, Produced Dead Planet

culture shock.jpg
Darin Gray - Bass and Vocals
Fritz Noble - Drums and Guitar
Tom Massey - Guitar

Produced by Culture Shock and Jeff Tweedy
Engineered by Dave Reeves at Studio One in Belleveille, IL

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1. All Children…

aunt esther.jpg

Sound file at the bottom of page
1. (untitled)

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Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar
Tim O'Saben - Guitar
Bob Fancher - Guitar
Jason Simpson - Drums

Recorded 1999-2000 at Smith Lee Studios, St. Louis, Mo
by Steve Higdon

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Jeff White - Drums and Percussion
Brian Johnson - Bass
Chris Sauer - Bass
Ken Slutier - Guitar
Mitch Marlow - Guitar
Dan Polonski - bass
Kristeen Young - Keyboards and Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Steve Higdon, Jeff White
Recorded at Icon…

24 reasons yes cover.jpg
Tim Goggins - Bass
Rick Ulrich - Guitar
Bill Berblinger - Guitar and Vocals
Pat - Drums

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. A 40 for Homie
2. Chasing the Big Truck

24 reasons time front.jpg
Tim Goggins - Bass
Rick Ulrich - Gultar
Bill Berblinger - Vocals and Guitars
Pat - Drums

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1. Kevin Stevenes
2. Nobody Likes a Liar

Bent Whats cover.jpg

Sound files at the bottoom of thepage
1. Big Nothing
2. Washed Down
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