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chicken truck party man cover.jpg
Brian Henneman - VOcals, Lead Guitar
Bob Parr - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Tom Parr - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Ortmann - Drums

Side 1
Party Man
Side 2
Party Man Instrumental

judge notning demo cover.jpg
Andy Dykeman - Drums and Vocals
Doug Rafferty - Guitar and Vocals
Carols Huddleston - Bass and Vocals

Tracks at the Bottom of the Page
Make it Stop
How Many Steps
Myself & Me
Wish You Weren't Here
New One Today

johnny quest cover.jpg
Daniel Kathriner - Drums, Vocals
Tom Vize - Bass, Vocals
patick Conway - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Shoemaker - Keyboards
Greg Berg - Keyboards
Curt Conway - Road Manager
Engineered by Rich Hamilton at RBS Studio
Engineered by Ty Mccart at T&T…

Initial pressing of 1000

Fritz Beer - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Bramstedt - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Herzon - Bass, Vocals
Gus Kodros - Drums, Vocals

Produced by The Bishops and Steve Curfman at Midland Studios Rosewood Heights, IL

Sound files at the…

Original pressing of 500

Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
John Corcoran - Bass
Bob Zuellig - Guitar
Mark Deniszuk - Drums

Recorded at Control in Belleville, IL by David Reeves.

Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Smith - Guitar
Mark Deniskuk - Drums, Vocals
Jon Corcoran - Bass

Produced by and released on New Red Archives by Nicky Garrett.
Recorded at Peter Miller Studios San Francisco, CA

Pressed on Blue Vinyl.

Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar
Jon Corcoran - Bass
Mark Deniszuk - Drums
Michael Story - Guitar

Recorded at Sonic Edge Studios new York City. Engineered by Don Cowan and Ryk Oakley. Produced by Tom Lyle.…

perfect fit vinyl 001.jpg
APF International

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. Dark Light
2. Rodney's Homecoming
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