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seven shot front.jpg
Chris Powers Jr. - Upright Bass
Kevin O'Connor - Drums
Mike Leahy - Vocals
Sarkes Roubainian - Guitar

Produced and Engineered by Michael Praytor. Assistant Enginerr Tom Delgato, Recorded at Pulling Teeth Studios, St. Louis, Missouri


3d vampire front.jpg
Split single with Divine Grave - She Rocks

Mayhem-Flight 7inch Front.jpg
Fred "Stryker" Freeman
Pedro Manaois
J. C. Mayhem

Sound files at the bottom of page
1. Flight to the Sea
2. Just Feeling Fine

M Street Band.jpg
Charlie Langrehr
Recorded at RPM Studios
Audio Engineer Herb Sadler
De Lan Productions

Sound Files at bottom of page
1. She's Just a Machine
2. and Roses

Bob Reuter 7.jpg
Bob Reuter

Song Files at Bottom
1. Jungle Fighter
2. Success in New York
3. Flashy Graphics
4. Jungle Dub

Clones Flexi 7.jpg
Sound Files at bottom of page
1. Seahawk
2, When you call me his name

Dinos 7.jpg
Bob Reuter - Bass\Vocals
Mike Downey - Guitar
Don "Frankie" Tomazi - Guitar
Ron Fernandez - Drums

Sound files at bottom of page
1. It might be Rose
2. Rock n' Roll Moron

Iron Suite 7.jpg
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