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dead celeb 001.jpg
Original Pressing 1000

Sid Sinatra - Vocals
Elvis Kennedy - Guitar
Houdini Garcia - Bass
John Paul Nixon - Drums

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1. Bail
2. Dead Celebrities
3. X-Ray Eyes

drunks black 001.jpg
Stan Seitrich - Guitar
Mike De Leon - Bass
Jim Broyles - Bass
Fred Broadhacker - Drums
Mike Doskocil - Vocals

Comprised of perviously released material

beatoffs days 002.jpg
Stan Seitrich
Fritz Noble

beatoffs greatest 001.jpg
Stan Seitrich
Fritz Noble
Mike De Leon - Bass on two songs

Comprised of perviously released material.

beatoffs st 001.jpg
Fritz Noble
Stan Seitrich

beatoffs 2001.jpg
Fritz Noble
Stan Seitrich

European tour shirt with SamIam
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