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out of the cate cover.jpg
Compiled by Rick Wood
Remix Engineer - Walter Whitney
Cover Graphics - Rick Wood, Scott Hueting, Lisa Grotrain,
Illustration by Jean-Michael Charlier, Jean Giraud

Side 1
Uncle Tupelo - Before I Break
Three Foot Thick - Cole Porter

school house cover 1.jpg
Produced by - Joe Armin
Recorded at Meghan Gohil Pelican Studio
Engineered by Dave Moorman and Karl Mueller
State Street Sound by Tony Berkman
Clayton Studios - by Gene Carroll
Peter Carson Studios
Webster University Audio Studios by…

enorm richard cover.jpg
Chris Bess - Accordian, Baritone Horn
Joe Esser - bass
Matt Fuller - Drums
Chris King - Vocals
Karl Mueller Guitar
Rich Skubish - Guitar, VOcals
Special Guest Fred Friction

Side 1
January 16, 1991 at Cabaret Metro
I'm not Religious
I Feel…
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