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Terry Jones /Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Songwriter
Mike Yaffe /Bass, Synth, Drums
Tony Mayr /Guitar, Bass, Organ, Vocals
Greg Latinette /Drums, Guitar, Synth, Vocals

198x Records
Produced by Max Load and Jack Poole

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Dan Wool Guitar and Vocals
Steve Tee Drums and Vocals
Mike Wineke Bass and Vocals
Photo Mark Skinner
Inner art John Wineke

Prodiced by Tim Lawson
Engineered by Ron Maxiner
Recorded 11-20-1980

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Chris Powers Jr. - Upright Bass
Kevin O'Connor - Drums
Mike Leahy - Vocals
Sarkes Roubainian - Guitar

Produced and Engineered by Michael Praytor. Assistant Enginerr Tom Delgato, Recorded at Pulling Teeth Studios, St. Louis, Missouri


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Includes songs by Haymarket, Meat Sisters, Sea of Heads, and Caffeine
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