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Brown and Langrehr, The Oozkicks, The Welders, The Heels, Riot Act, The Felons, PG's, Anti-Mation, The Felons, The ZAnti Misfits, Oui-Oui Twins

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Brown and Langrehr, The Felons, Anti-Mation, Max Load, The Heels, The Welders, The Skitzos, Raymilland, Screaming Mee Mees, Zanti Misfits, Riot Act, The Strikers, Charlie Langrehr

Original pressing 500
Caroline Fujimoto - Bass
Stephanie von Drasek - Vocals
Jane Fujimoto - Drums, Keyboards
Kelly "Rusty" Draper - Guitar

Sara Oberst - Bass, Vocals on That's my Daughter
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