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Nick Sakes - Guitar, Vocals
Darin Gray - Bass
Black Fleming - Drums, Vocals

Produced by Dazzling Killmen at White House Studios St. Louis, MO Engineered by Jack Petracek

Released by Nick Sakes on Sawtooth Records

Sound files on bottom of…

Dazzling Killmen are
Nick Sakes - Guitar, Vocals
Darin Gray - Bass
Blake Fleming - Drums
Recorded at Music masters St.Louis Mo
Engineered by Jack Petracek and Produced by jeff Tweedy

Released by Greg Kessler on Sluggo and Mark Fischer on…

Gary Phillips - Vocals
Tim Goggins - Bass
Rick Ulrich - Guitar
Mark Deniszuk - Drums

Original Pressing of 500

Mark Ping - Guitar
Todd - Vocals

Recorded at Dog Shew Studios in Fayetteville, IL and engineered by Tim Albert
Producced and Released by Rob Wagoner on Scrapgod Records
Harassment by Bad Cop
Scrap 003


Nick Sakes - Guitar, Vocals
Darin Gray - Bass
Black Fleming - Drums
Dennis Carter - Saxophone
Jeff Tweedy - Additional Guitar
Recorded at Music Masters St. Louis Missouri and engineered by Jack Petracek
Produced by jeff Tweed
Released by Crime…

Compilation of St. Louis are bands released on cassette. Included are: Snake ranch, TOG, Judge Nothing, Dementia 13, the Fartholes, Whoppers Taste Good.
Produced by Tim Buchmiller for Butt Cheese Ministries which also published the zine God Speaks…

Greg Kessler (Frog) - Vocals
Jim Bone - Guitar
Keith Grillion - Bass
Jim Harper - Drums, Voc als

Recorded at Jim Bone's House and mixed at Jay Huber's house to cassette on a Fostex 4 trac recorder.

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