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Jim Harper - Drums
Rob Wagoner - Bass
Marc Sova - Guitar
Frog (Grge Kessler) - Vocals

Recorded at Dog Shew Studios Fayetteville, IL by Tim Albert

Sound Files at the Bottom of the page
1. Stop the Violence
2. Mexican Crab Dance

Greg Kessler (Frog) - Vocals
Jim Bone - Guitar
Keith Grillion - Bass
Jim Harper - Drums, Voc als

Recorded at Jim Bone's House and mixed at Jay Huber's house to cassette on a Fostex 4 trac recorder.

Kieth Grillion - Bass
Jim Bone - Guitar
Jim Harper - Drums, Vocals
Greg Kessler (Frog) - Vocals

Recorded after hours at the Petite Four Theater in Collinsville, IL

Photo taken at the Mr. Dognut in Granite City, IL

Robin Bettonville - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Harper - Drums
Oblong Desoto (Mike Pringle) - Bass
Dylan Shade (Shea Heilman) - Guitar
Bookings through Rick Hecke
Produced by Sean Garcia and Brian Simpson at Madcap Studios
also at Post Modern Radio…

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Jim Harper - Drums
Stacey House - Guitar, Vocals
Jason House - Guitar, Voc als
Mike Belfield - Bass

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. Tyro
2. Facesmash
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