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Original pressing 500
Caroline Fujimoto - Bass
Stephanie von Drasek - Vocals
Jane Fujimoto - Drums, Keyboards
Kelly "Rusty" Draper - Guitar

Sara Oberst - Bass, Vocals on That's my Daughter

Local Coverage
Brown and Langrehr, The Felons, Anti-Mation, Max Load, The Heels, The Welders, The Skitzos, Raymilland, Screaming Mee Mees, Zanti Misfits, Riot Act, The Strikers, Charlie Langrehr

Brown and Langrehr, The Oozkicks, The Welders, The Heels, Riot Act, The Felons, PG's, Anti-Mation, The Felons, The ZAnti Misfits, Oui-Oui Twins

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