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Patrick Conway - Guitars, Vocals
Danny Kathriner - Drums
Scottt Roever - Guitars
Chris Sauer - Bass
KristeenYoung - Vocals and Piano

Recorded at Smith/Lee Studios
Engineered by Steve Higdon
Produced by Steve Higdon and Nov. 9th


water workds cover.jpg
Robert Durando - Guitar
Rob Medcalf - Drums and Percussion
Kristeen Young - Vocals and Keyboards

Recorded at Icon Studios, St. Louis, MO

Sound Files at the bottom of the page
1. Ice Queen
2. All the Joy

kyoung front.jpg
Jeff White - Drums and Percussion
Brian Johnson - Bass
Chris Sauer - Bass
Ken Slutier - Guitar
Mitch Marlow - Guitar
Dan Polonski - bass
Kristeen Young - Keyboards and Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Steve Higdon, Jeff White
Recorded at Icon…
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