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Produced by Alien Feedings
Produced by Kurt Hoffman
Mastered by David Probst

All proceeds go to Kids Under Twenty One (KUTO)

Bands include...Otto's Revenge, Hippie Crack Gastank, Ulcer, Bent, Dazzling Killment, Hogscraper, Uncle Terrible,…

Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
Marc Sova - Bass
Mark Deniszuk - Drums, Vocals
Rick Ulrich - Guitar

Recorded and mixed at Icon Studios St. Louis, MO

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Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
Marc Sova - Bass
Rick Ulrich - Guitar
Mark Deniszuk - Drums, Vocals
Recorded at Icon Studios in St. Louis, MO.
Produced by Frankie and engineered by Mark Biehl

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1. Skin that…



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Sound files at the bottoom of thepage
1. Big Nothing
2. Washed Down



1000 copies pressed

Judge Nothing
Andy Dykeman - Drums, Vocals
Doug Raffety - Guitar, Vocals
Flea Bodine - Bass
Recorded and engineered by Bill Stevenson and Bill Egerton

The songs listed for Judge Nothing are incorrect because the wrong…
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