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Photos of Nig Heist at Augustine's in Belleville September 9, 1982 opening for Black Flag. Booked by Sam Berger.
Photos by Steve Pick

Photos of Black Flag taken by Steve Pick September 9, 1982. Nig Heist and Rude Pets opened the show. The Rude Pets cancelled. Booked by Sam Berger

Scott Randall - Vocals
Mark Heinz - Drums
Tim O'Saban - Guitar
Dave Winkler- Bass

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1. Concept of Grief
2. Push Comes to Shove

Original Pressing of 100

Dave Winkler - Bass
Mark Heinz - Drums
Tim O'Saben - Guitar, Vocals
Dan O'Sanen - Guitar, Vocals
Produced by Tim Albert, Dan O'Saben, and Rich Lang

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. The Trip
2. Busted Yo-Yo

uncletup_drunk 001.jpg
Jay Farrar - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Tweedy - Bass, Vocals
Mike Heidorn - Drums

From the LP No Depression

Joe Camel - Saxophone, Vocals
Erin Collins - Guitar, Vocals
Gary Austin - Bass
Rich Lang - Lin drum computer, Vocals, handclaps
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