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1. I's
2. Life a Little Peacock

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Dave Stone - Bass
Aaron Smith - Piano
Scott Tallent - Drums
Nathan Warren - Vocals, Guitar

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1. Pulpus
2. The Mole

Original pressing 500 cassettes and 500 Cds
Rereleased for download at

A. Michael Collins - Drums, Vocals
Matt Meyer - Guitar
Joe Finn Theabeau - Vocals, Guitar
Johnny Bitch - Bass


Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
Marc Sova - Bass
Mark Deniszuk - Drums, Vocals
Rick Ulrich - Guitar

Recorded and mixed at Icon Studios St. Louis, MO

Robin Bettonville - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Harper - Drums
Oblong Desoto (Mike Pringle) - Bass
Dylan Shade (Shea Heilman) - Guitar
Bookings through Rick Hecke
Produced by Sean Garcia and Brian Simpson at Madcap Studios
also at Post Modern Radio…

Renee Dullum - Bass
Matt Harnish - Guitar
Karen Reid - Drums

Recorded at Music Masters by Jack Petracek.
Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. Favorite Food
2. Macho Beagle
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