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Andy Hawkins - Guitar
Ted Epstein - Drums
Gabriel Katz - Bass

Recorded at B.C. Studios Brooklyn, NY Produced by Martin Bisi

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1. More Time
2. Tired Blood

culture shock.jpg
Darin Gray - Bass and Vocals
Fritz Noble - Drums and Guitar
Tom Massey - Guitar

Produced by Culture Shock and Jeff Tweedy
Engineered by Dave Reeves at Studio One in Belleveille, IL

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1. All Children…


laffinstock cover.jpg
John Katsafanas - Bass
Sean Halry - Guitar
Tim Mize - Vocals
Pat Hercules - Drums

Fuckt Up for Days'
Fist Fuck

Plaid Cattle Cassette.jpg
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1. Later
2. Thanks

chicken truck 7.jpg
Brian Hennemann - guitar and vocals
Bob Parr - Bass
Tom Parr - Guitar
Mark Ortmann - Drums

Prodiced by Scott taylor and Chicken Truck
Mixed by Mark Slocombe at Paradise Sight and Sound, St. Louis

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state of shock 7 front.jpg
Niel Jaeger - lead and rhythm guitars
Bobby Jones - vocals and drums
Curt Shaw - Vocals and Bass
Reggie Butler - Keyboards

Recorded at Imagitrax Studios

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You Can Do It

wtg first year.jpg
J Card Only
3 Demos in one

Tim Goggins - Bass
Gary Phillips - Vocals
Rick Ulrich - Guitar
Mark Deniszczuk - Drums

ultraman demo cover web.jpg
Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar and vocals
Bob Zulig - Guitar
John Corcoran - Bass
Mike Doskocil - drums
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1. The Ones
2. The Game
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