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Brown and Langhrer, The Nukes, The Felons, Zanti Misfits, The Heels, Be-Vision, Max Load, Anti-Mation, The Strikers, Group 6, Trained Animal, Club Op-P, Change Club, L7, The Clones, Anti-Mation, PO

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Tim Goggins - Bass
Rick Ulrich - Gultar
Bill Berblinger - Vocals and Guitars
Pat - Drums

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1. Kevin Stevenes
2. Nobody Likes a Liar

24 reasons yes cover.jpg
Tim Goggins - Bass
Rick Ulrich - Guitar
Bill Berblinger - Guitar and Vocals
Pat - Drums

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1. A 40 for Homie
2. Chasing the Big Truck

3d grind.jpg
Terry Jones - Bass, Vocals
Joe Domingos - Guitar
Brad Martin - Drums
Recorded at Whitehouse Studions in St. Louis, Mo. Produced by Jones - Domingos
Released on Sawtooth Records by Nick Sakes of Dazzling Killmen

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Compilation of St. Louis are bands released on cassette. Included are: Snake ranch, TOG, Judge Nothing, Dementia 13, the Fartholes, Whoppers Taste Good.
Produced by Tim Buchmiller for Butt Cheese Ministries which also published the zine God Speaks…

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1. (untitled)

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Original pressing of 1000

Jeff Evans - Drums, Vocals
Berni Proeschl - Guitars
Nick Rudd - Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer, Piano Strings
Steve Scariano - Bass, Synthesizer
Produced by b.lovers and Keith Dressel
Engineered by Mark Rubel
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