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25 pressed for reunion show
Originally intended to be released in

Other graphics are for the original but never released version.

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. Rich White Suburbanite
2. Leave Home

Tim Bramstedt - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Herzon - Bass, Vocals
Eric Harnetiaux - Vocals, Drums
Doug Raffety - Guest guitar and sax

Recorded at Renegaed Studios Glen Carbon, IL and Grand Central Post St. Louis, MO
Produced by Lunker Buzz and Matt…

Original pressing of 500

Tim Jamison - Vocals
Rob Wagoner - Guitar, Vocals
John Corcoran - Bass
Bob Zuellig - Guitar
Mark Deniszuk - Drums

Recorded at Control in Belleville, IL by David Reeves.

Original Pressing 100

A. W. - Vocals, Guitars
William Ingersoll - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Smith - Drums, Vocals
Jeff Cummins - Bass, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed at Rainy Day Studio Jacksonville, IL by Mike Mason.

Sound files at the bottom of…

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First Sticker was issued. The last were designed but never produced.

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