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Patrick Conway - Guitars, Vocals
Danny Kathriner - Drums
Scottt Roever - Guitars
Chris Sauer - Bass
KristeenYoung - Vocals and Piano

Recorded at Smith/Lee Studios
Engineered by Steve Higdon
Produced by Steve Higdon and Nov. 9th


Jeff Wendler - Vocals, Guitar
Maureen Relling - Bass
Jesse Kilsinger - Guitar
Gus Kodros - Drums

Recorded at Music Masters St. Louis MO Produced and engineered by Jack Petracek.

Sound files at the bottom of the page
1. Gotta Change
2. Mr.…

1000 copies pressed

Judge Nothing
Andy Dykeman - Drums, Vocals
Doug Rafferty - Guitar, Vocals
Flea Bodine - Bass
Recorded and engineered by Bill Stevenson and Bill Egerton

The songs listed for Judge Nothing are incorrect because the wrong…
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