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Mark Cousley - Drums
Chris - Doucleff - Guitar
Aaron Goodrich - Vocals
Brad Gaskill - Bass

Recorded at Sound Star
Engineered by Mark Church, Produced Dead Planet

Joe Moomey - Vocals
Larry Morrissey - Drums, Vocals
Keith Brawley - Bass
Patrick Saunders - Electric Guitar
Matt Lauber - Additional Guitar

Recorded at Webster University Studios and engineered by Chris Sauer.

Song files at the bottom of…

Original press of 500

Andy Dykeman - Drums, Vocals
Flea Bodine - B ass
Doug Rafferty - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at Star Sound in Bethalto, IL and engineered by Eric Wiseman

Released by Rob Wagoner on Scrapdog Records
Scrap 002


Doug Rafferty - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Dykemen - Drums, Vocals
Flea Bodine - Bass
Engineered by Mark Church
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